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Get in touch so we can start working together! Tap the relevant option below and we will ensure your request is handled as efficiently as possible. Alternatively use our live chat or give us a call on 03 477 7970 and our team are ready to help any day from 6am to 11:30pm!

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Chat with us!

In the lower right corner of your screen there is a chat icon. Just tap on that and we can chat straight away!

Alternatively you can email us

If its urgent call 03 477 7970

Contractor signup

We're excited to welcome you to the team! Tap below and we can get your profile setup!

Report a technical error

We're sorry something didn't go quite as planned! Please fill in the information below and our tech team will be in touch asap.

Upload Screenshot

Thanks for letting us know. We'll be in touch soon.

Booking alterations

If you need to make WoFo aware of shift changes, breaks not taken or anything else related to a booked shift please send us a message or dispute the booking from within your portal to ensure the issue is fixed as quickly as possible.


You can do this by finding the booking in your "Upcoming Bookings", selecting "Manage Booking" then enter a message and click "Send"/"Dispute" as required.

It's something else

Book a meeting

Want to learn more or have any questions about how WoFo Medstaff may best help you? Tap below to book a Zoom meeting with our team.

Register facility

At WoFo MedStaff, we understand the importance of having skilled and reliable staff members to provide the best possible care for your patients. Tap below and you too can access our services.

Facility portal access

To request access to your facilities portal please ask your facility manager to email with the facility/facilities you require access to, along with your work email address and we can setup a login for you.

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