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Look professional and part of the team

It's a great way to get more work and bookings (some facilities have named scrubs as mandatory)!
Scrub tops are named (most facilities make this mandatory).

PLEASE NOTE: Embroidered clothing can often take up to 3 weeks to be delivered.

Here you can order the contractors WoFo Medstaff Scrubs and jackets. It is a requirement of some facilities and a requirement of the health and safety policy of the Clients you are contracted too to wear scrubs.  You are also required to have a name badge so that patients may easily identify you. The Scrubs top will be embroidered with your first name.


Given the current environment there is some leniency on requirements, however you will have had to have ordered a shirt to prove that you have at least one on order. If there are supply delays for your size you will be informed.

Sizing Guide

Pay attention to the sizing guide. These have your name embroidered into the them so returns are only on faults. 

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