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Welcome to WoFo Medstaff: A Fresh Approach to Healthcare Staffing

Wofo Medstaff is also exploring opportunities to provide healthcare staffing solutions to hospital-level care settings. This initiative reflects the company's commitment to catering to diverse healthcare environments, where specialized expertise and staffing flexibility are paramount. By extending its services to hospitals, Wofo Medstaff seeks to contribute to the efficient functioning of healthcare institutions by supplying qualified professionals who can adapt to the dynamic demands of acute care environments. This expansion is indicative of Wofo Medstaff's dedication to becoming a comprehensive and adaptable resource for a wide range of healthcare services.

Reach out to us and see how our innovative solution fills shifts faster and cheaper than traditional staffing bureaus with the most highly rated workers. 

All while allowing us to save you money, time and stress. 

No Hidden Charges

We don't charge extra for weekends, for nights, for calling a few hours before the shift needs filled. The rate charged is the rate you agree with. Sounds too good to be true doesn't it!

Streamlined Process

Traditional Agencies and nursing Bureaus are slow and cranky and take the zest out of everything. All the while delivering very little at greater and greater costs. We have streamlined the process and cut the margins to create a fairer and more equitable way for healthcare providers to find temporary staff​.

Trusted by Leading Healthcare Facilities

We are now trusted by some of New Zealand's leading healthcare facilities. Our platform is shaking up the status quo to have a positive impact on the facilities and their residents at realistic rates. 

No Contracts, Just Impressions

Given we don't lock you into contracts and believe we are only as good as our last shift filled maybe it is time to give us an opportunity to impress!

Experience the WoFo Medstaff Advantage

Our platform is designed to meet your unique needs, offering an array of benefits that set us apart from the rest:

Cost Optimization

Our model is cost-effective, enabling you to optimize staffing expenses without compromising on quality.

Employment Law

Rest easy, knowing our platform adheres to all employment laws, safeguarding your facility and staff.


Experience a streamlined approach that ensures swift and efficient shift fulfillment.

Geolocated Sign In/Sign Out

Keep track of your contractors attendance with geolocated sign-in/sign-out functionality.

User Dashboard

Manage bookings, track shifts, and access critical information from a user-friendly dashboard.

Shift Fulfillment

Our platform ensures prompt and efficient fulfillment of shift requests, providing reliable staffing solutions.

How it works

Create a Shift

Easily create a shift by submitting your staffing requirements through our user-friendly web portal. Specify the role, date, time, and any specific requirements for the healthcare professional you need.

View Profile and Accept

Either allow our advanced system to pick the best contractor for you, or receive recommended profiles of available healthcare contractors who match your shift requirements. Review their experience, qualifications, and user ratings to find the perfect match before accepting.

Get Notified when contractor Arrives and Leaves

Stay informed throughout the entire process. You'll receive real-time updates when the contractor arrives at your facility and when their shift is completed.

Track Expenses

Manage your expenses effortlessly. Our platform provides a transparent breakdown of billing, making it easy for you to track and manage costs.

With WoFo Medstaff, streamlining your healthcare staffing has never been easier. Experience a seamless process from shift creation to expense tracking, all in one place.
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