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Welcome to WoFo Medstaff: Empowering Healthcare Professionals

At WoFo Medstaff, we're passionate about empowering healthcare professionals like you to take control of your career. Our fresh approach to healthcare staffing offers you unparalleled flexibility and the opportunity to maximize your earnings.

Why Choose WoFo Medstaff?


Set your own rate and earn more with every shift you work. Our gig economy-based model allows you to negotiate your compensation and take home what you deserve.

Tax Advantages

As an independent contractor, you gain access to potential tax advantages and deductions, allowing you to keep more of your hard-earned money and achieve financial peace of mind.


Enjoy the freedom to choose the shifts that fit your schedule. Work when you want, where you want, and tailor your work-life balance to your preferences. Embrace work like never before!


Our user-friendly platform simplifies the entire process, from selecting shifts to managing your profile. With an intuitive interface, navigating your way to better opportunities has never been easier.

How it works

Get Notified of Shifts

Be the first to know about available shifts that match your preferences and qualifications. Receive instant notifications directly to your mobile, ensuring you never miss an opportunity.

View Job and Accept

Review comprehensive shift details, including compensation, location, and facility information. Evaluate each opportunity and easily accept the shifts that best fit your schedule and expertise.

Sign In and Out of the Shift

Effortlessly sign in and out of shifts through our geolocated system. Accurately track your working hours, ensuring transparent and precise records for easy management.

Track Earnings and Manage Payments

Stay updated on your earnings, available at your fingertips through our user-friendly dashboard. Track your payment history, review every invoice, and efficiently manage your finances.

Your Career, Your Way

Join WoFo Medstaff and experience the future of healthcare staffing, tailored to your needs. Take control of your career with our intuitive platform and responsive support team, allowing you to focus on providing quality healthcare while enjoying the benefits of a flexible and rewarding career.
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