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Welcome to the team! Now just the last step...


You've completed your application and now all that's left to do is to download our app to setup your profile. The app is where you set your availability and hourly rate, where we assign you shifts and how you'll create your digital timesheet.


You can download the app from your preferred app store. Just search for 'WoFo Medstaff Worker' or follow the link below.



Setting up your profile

Hourly rate

As you will be working as an independent contractor you get the freedom to pick your minimum hourly rate. We will not book you for a shift below the rate that you set. While a high hourly rate is nice, a lower hourly rate will bring you more bookings to help build credibility when you are starting out with WoFo. As you become more experienced and reputable you can steadily increase your rate.


It is important to set your availability in the calendar so that we know when to assign you shifts, especially if you've chosen to auto-accept shifts. You can always adjust this so make sure it's kept up to date!

You will be redirected to the new signup page. If this doesn't happen please click here.

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