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About Us

Technology. Talent. Teamwork

Welcome to WoFo Medstaff – where healthcare staffing meets the gig economy. Our innovative platform connects healthcare professionals with facilities in need, revolutionizing the way staffing works in the healthcare industry.

Our mission

At WoFo Medstaff, our mission is clear – to empower healthcare professionals and facilities with a flexible, efficient, and transparent staffing solution. By harnessing the power of technology, talent, and teamwork, we're changing the landscape of healthcare staffing for the better.

Success Stories

With countless fulfilled shifts and satisfied professionals and facilities, we've made a lasting impact on healthcare staffing. We're driven by our accomplishments but never complacent – we're always pushing forward to achieve more and deliver even greater value to our community.


We are part of the next generation of healthcare staffing, embracing the spirit of the sharing economy that has reshaped various industries. Like other successful platforms that have harnessed the power of this transformative wave, we offer an innovative solution to connect healthcare professionals and facilities seamlessly. Spurred on by Uber and Airbnb, the sharing economy has proven its value, and we are proud to be at the forefront of healthcare staffing's promising future. Join us on this transformative journey, as we continue to revolutionize healthcare staffing.

How it works

Healthcare Professionals Create a Profile

Healthcare professionals list their skills, experience, schedule, and fees on our platform. Showcasing their expertise and availability to facilities in need.

Facilities Find the Perfect Match

Whether they prefer manual selection or to allow our advanced systems to do the work, our sleek booking system makes staffing seamless. WoFo ensures the best match for both facilities and contractors, saving time and enhancing care.

Seamless Shift Management

Our user-friendly portal empowers facilities and contractors to manage bookings seamlessly, from booking through to geolocated clock out. Easily review profiles, select ideal fits, and handle schedules with convenience and accuracy.

Consolidated Expenses

Experience detailed invoicing, transparent breakdowns, and a simple fee structure for seamless financial management. Simplify your experience with us and focus on delivering exceptional healthcare services.

Discover the power of WoFo Medstaff and unlock a new era in healthcare staffing. Explore how our platform can elevate your career or enhance your facility's staffing efficiency.
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