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You will be redirected to the new signup page. If this doesn't happen please click here.

You too can change the status quo, becoming a part of WoFo is easy!

If you've come this far, Congrats! All that's left to do is to complete you registration so you can start taking shifts through the WoFo platform. Here's how...

click chat.png

It should be in the lower right corner of your screen.

We'll ask you to introduce yourself...

chat 1.png

Then guide you through the rest!

We'll ask for your CV and details then show you through to downloading our app and setting up your profile. Once that's done and your profile is complete, you'll be ready to work! As I said, easy!

Then all that's left to say is: Welcome to the WoFo Medstaff family! There's a few tips over on our Contractors page that will help you get your first few shifts, so give that a read once you're setup, but otherwise you're all done and you'll be working before you know it!

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